"Mad Men": Words from Don, Season 3

July 7, 2010
By Ben Zimmer (New York, NY)Visual Thesaurus ContributorVisual Thesaurus Moderator
ticket stub
You have my ticket stubs.”
“You know what happened to the Hilton cufflinks?
hot pepper
“And hot pepper?”
art department
“Why were you in the art department?”
sterling silver
They’re little Stetsons, sterling silver.”
player piano
That meant a drum, a bass, and a player piano with nobody at it.
waste paper
“I signed his receipts, didn’t I?” “Morris, comma, in reference to retooling the factory for London Fog children and young adults…” “You’re wasting paper.”
Leave some tools in your toolbox.”
How do you say fresh towels in Farsi?
coconut oil
You can smell the faint scent of coconut oil.
paper clip
I’m fighting for paper clips around here.”
tall order
“I think it’s a tall order.
gift shop
I saw it in the gift shop, but we were leaving, so I had Connie send it.”
“Good morning, fellas.
“Look, I didn’t want to be there anymore than you did.”
“Uh, no, it’s OK. I don’t usually tell people I’m an accountant.”
life raft
All along, you’ve been building a life raft.”
And now I’m not good enough for some spoiled mainline brat.”
ghost town
It’s a ghost town.”
“A fundraiser for Rockefeller.”
“Where I grew up there was a roadhouse.
end up
“I don’t know, I keep going to a lot of places and keep ending up somewhere I’ve already been.”
stay put
“Just stay put, I’ll be right there.”
low profile
“You’re gonna have to keep a low profile on this, but it doesn’t mean you’re not working.”
We’re not chauvinists, we just have expectations.
“In his dressiest Stetson.”
sign off
“I didn’t need to sign off on this.”
son of a bitch
“Maybe she realized he’s a son of a bitch.”
“I signed his receipts, didn’t I?” “Morris, comma, in reference to retooling the factory for London Fog children and young adults…” “You’re wasting paper.”
deck chair
And as you slide your hands though that cold patch of sand underneath the shadow of your deck chair.”
wedding night
On our wedding night?
knock against
“Because once this sale goes through, you’ll be thrown overboard and you’ll be a corpse knocking against their hull.”
sleep together
“Are they sleeping together?”
ice water
How do you say ice water in Italian?
Fender bender.”
guilty conscience
“Your concern over public opinion shows a guilty conscience.
expense account
“And lay off expense accounts.
“Well did you remember to pick up my tuxedo?”
old fashioned
“Can I get an Old Fashioned?”
There are snakes that go months without eating and then they catch something, but they’re so hungry that they suffocate while they’re eating.
“Yes.” “Don’t you have a coterie of trusted advisors, friends, kings that might council you better?
half brother
“He was my half brother.
I mean, we don’t want to take credit for everything, but 2 of every 3 raincoats sold last year had London Fog stitched on the inside pocket.”
draw a line
“I’m not drawing a line at all.
doze off
“Tell me know and not 3 seconds after I’ve dozed off.”
phone call
“I thought I’d let it be an incoming phone call and then wait to see who took credit for it.”
magnifying glass
“And how do I know that, take out a magnifying glass and look at one of those tiny hotels.”
“It must be horrible having a client insist on something and then change their mind once they’ve seen it.
“In his dressiest Stetson.”
good authority
“I have it on good authority that you’re right.”

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