President Obama's Remarks on the Economy

January 7, 2014
To begin the New Year, the President made some remarks about the economy. Mr. Obama pointed out the progress he believes the country has made while addressing what still needs to be achieved. One thing yet to be achieved is the extension of unemployment insurance, and a rally on behalf of this very issue is where these remarks were delivered. Here are 14 words from the President's address. Transcript available here The Washington Post, January 7, 2014.
And since I've took office, we've cut our deficits by more than half.
Now, before the holidays both parties compromised on a budget that lifts some of the drag that's been on the economy from these indiscriminate cuts we call sequester.
This is a politically-charged use of "sequester." You can read all about the history of this particular usage in a Ben Zimmer column here.
Now, before the holidays both parties compromised on a budget that lifts some of the drag that's been on the economy from these indiscriminate cuts we call sequester.
And I think I'm not alone in saying that we are all grateful in the new year that we won't have another partisan shutdown, hopefully, going forward.
For the Americans who join me at the White House today and millions like them who were laid off in the recession through no fault of their own, unemployment insurance has been a vital economic lifeline.
She's far more eloquent than I could ever be.
Katherine went on to say, I've applied to everything for which I'm possibly qualified, to no avail.
And we know, there but the grace of God go I. (Applause.)
That's why in the past both parties have repeatedly put partisanship and ideology aside to offer some security for job-seekers with no strings attached.
The people living in those respective states may be working equally hard to find a job, but it's going to be harder in some places than others.
And this morning a bipartisan majority of senators agreed to allow this common-sense provision to at least move forward in the process.
So we've got to get this across the finish line without obstruction or delay.
We're going to have to -- we're going to have to see action, though, on the part of Congress -- and I'll -- I'll be willing to work with them every step of the way -- action to help our businesses to create more of the good jobs that our growing middle class requires, action to restore economic mobility and reduce inequality, action to open more doors of opportunity for everybody who's willing to work hard and walk through those doors.
And they just want to feel as if -- (applause) -- they just want to feel as if, you know, as a part of this country -- as a part of their communities that if misfortune strikes, all the things that they've done in the past -- all the hard work they've done raising children and paying taxes and working hard -- you know, that that counts for something, and that folks aren't suddenly just going to dismiss their concerns, but are going to rally behind them.

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