Words Slate Editors Aren't Sure They Know

April 30, 2014
In a piece for Slate, travel writer Seth Stevenson created an 18-word quiz of "bubble" vocabulary, words Slate editors confess they will avoid because they are not sure what they mean. Here, we present Slate editors' trouble words in learnable form, to accompany our blog post, " Words You Ought to Know But Don't: Call it Bubble Vocab?"

Test your erudition as you master the words they don't know!
In team sports, coaches inculcate the atavistic spirit and focus of a hunting clan.
The shift in perspective from theism to atheism is arguably the single most important bit of progress in fundamental ontology over the last 500 years.
Jindal mocked the “liberal shibboleth of ‘universal coverage,’” saying his plan is more focused on “containing the rising tide of health costs.”
Didactic courses are very adaptable to the Web,” she says.
Mr Gandhi was composed and reasonably articulate - if slightly pedantic - while setting out his vision for much-needed reforms in his party and for India's development.
Told by a reporter that he and his wife looked glamorous, the mayor was quick to demur.
QBists are often charged with solipsism: a belief that the world exists only in the mind of a single agent.
“Getting your itses mixed up is the greatest solecism in the world of punctuation,” she writes.
In that, I presented the following heuristic visual.
Video game archaeologists have found a huge cache of old Atari games that were buried in the desert 30 years ago.
The Times knows their cachet and brand trust with consumers.
Ghosh, 51, has the kind of soft, avuncular demeanor and tired eyes that evoke sympathy.
Many have trudged for days to get here, through swamps and murky rivers, and their wounds are suppurating and gangrenous.
And its erstwhile frontline nations—East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Poland—have been absorbed into the West, indeed into NATO.
Another key lure: These jobs are usually lifetime sinecures, with employees dismissed only for gross negligence.
This is the sort of right-wing casuistry that has marked not only the 2012 campaign but nearly every day that Obama has served in office.
He has the reputation of being a cerebral, even recondite, composer, but this is a tuneful and accessible score.
Why should we be reassured by Obama’s reliance on a fuzzy and tendentious metadata/data distinction?
A short, pithy, and instructive saying; a terse remark, conveying some important truth; a sententious precept or maxim.
Even just the way computers would inveigle their way into our everyday lives.
Soprano Sophie Bevan brought ravishing vocal colours and a strong interpretive sensibility to the cycle, with both nonchalance and perceptiveness in equal measure.

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Thursday May 1st 2014, 1:21 PM
Comment by: Lyn A. (OR)
Great examples!!

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