15 Synonyms for "Thin": An Eileen Ford (1922-2014) Tribute List

July 10, 2014
Eileen Ford, the co-founder of Ford Models, died on July 9th at the age of 92. One of the most successful people ever in her field, her choice of clients helped define international standards of beauty. Although not a fan of the "waif look" of the 1990s, Ford was famous for putting her models on diets. She was also known for keeping them away from drugs and alcohol. Writers who had to write about Ford and the models she represented often ran out of words for "thin." Here are 15 synonyms so you'll always have words to use during Fashion Week or while attending the Paris shows.
The women are always slender and smooth and beautiful, no bulges on their stomachs, no jiggly fat on their thighs.
—The Queen of Water
Well-groomed kids and dogs, their lithe yoga- and Pilates-toned parents bobbing in their wake as they queue up for treats at the “microcreamery.”
—Seattle Times Jul 2, 2014
At 7, before the families emigrated, little Vera was a pale, skinny waif.
—New York Times Jun 12, 2014
And there was a beautiful simplicity in a slim, bustier top that that was made entirely of ivory and black feathers.
—Washington Times July 8, 2014
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—Washington Post
She was gaunt from hunger, dressed in filthy rags.
—US News Jun 27, 2014
Both Carol and Grace are stubbyshaped, but this girl is thin without being fragile: lanky, sinewy.
—Cat's Eye
He was a short, slight man with a dark angular face.
The most aggressive females killed big, healthy males as often as they killed scrawny ones.
—Scientific American Mar 31, 2014
He’s too rickety to move much and lives in another hole down the far the side of the “heap” to escape the sun.
—Washington Post
Her face was drawn and pinched, her sweet blue eyes haggard and unnatural.
—The Awakening
It’s a purely objective journalistic statement to note that the neighborhood was swarming with a startling number of svelte, gorgeous, scantily dressed men and women.
—New York Times July 10, 2014
skin and bones
“They were a pathetic looking bunch: mostly skin and bones, clad in rags with makeshift footwear, and nervous,” he wrote.
“The last seven years in fashion have been all about the statement shoe, a beautiful, spindly heel that’s not comfortable.”
—BusinessWeek Jun 26, 2014
On his Louis Vuitton fall runway, the designer unveiled a succession of sylphs wearing little more than their sumptuous skivvies and furs.
—New York Times Sep 11, 2013

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Thursday July 17th 2014, 5:34 AM
Comment by: Am G. (Canada)
WOW!!!! I have learnt 15 new words that mean thin!!!

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