Frankenwords: Words with Roots from Different Languages

August 13, 2019
Words derived from more than one language are called "hybrid words." Many hybrid words in English have a combination of Latin and Greek roots, but you'll also find other interesting combinations in the list below.
monos (Greek: "single") + cultura (Latin: "cultivating")
But experts say it is likely to reflect the insect situation in places like North America, where monoculture and pesticide use are widespread.
dys- (Greek: "bad") + functionem (Latin: "performance")
These findings tally with brain-imaging studies suggesting dysfunction of some regions in insomnia, and with animal studies implicating these cells in sleep regulation.
claustrum (Latin: "bolting, closing") + -phobia (Greek: "fear")
I suffer from claustrophobia: simply being in an elevator sets my teeth on edge.
neos (Greek: "new") + natalis (Latin: "of birth")
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center says the young patients are in the Children’s Hospital neonatal intensive care unit.
neur- (Greek: "of nerves") + scientia (Latin: "knowledge")
The finding that some people in a coma show signs of consciousness was transformative for neuroscience, says Seth.
petra (Greek: "rock") + oleum (Latin: "oil")
Oils are powerful fuels, but the high price of refined petroleum, the oil generally preferred, precludes its widespread use for many purposes for which it is suitable.
socius (Latin: "companion") + pathos (Greek: "suffering")
But unless you're dealing with an actual psychopath or sociopath, it's virtually impossible for a human being to not connect on some level if the person is being patient and genuine.
bureau (French: "writing desk") + -kratia (Greek: "power of")
It’s impossible for federal, state and local bureaucracies to move in sync in such a short period for several reasons.
spod (Old Saxon: "success") + metron (Greek: "a measure")
The cab’s speedometer never dipped below ninety-five the whole way through the Mojave Desert.
genos (Greek: "race, kind") + -cida (Latin: "killer, cutter")
The museum focuses on stereotypes, prejudice, genocide, the history of intolerance.
autos (Greek: "self") + mobilis (Latin: "movable")
In 1898 General Motors lacked the capital to hire salesmen for its new automobiles, so it sold franchises to prospective car dealers, giving them exclusive rights to certain territories.
tele (Greek: "afar") + visionem (Latin: "sight")
My mother is standing in front of the television, listening to the news anchor.
socius (Latin: "companion") + -logie (Greek: "speaking")
In doing so he is not committed, however, to belief in or use of any particular form of what is known as the science of society or sociology.
myrge (Old English: "pleasing") + mentum (Latin: suffix forming nouns to indicate an action)
It was a merry night and he was joyful to be there in the warmth and merriment, keeping festival with his companions.
talken, tale (Middle English: "story") + -ativus (Latin: "of or related to")
June was funny like that, talkative and loud in class, but at lunch and during gym, she got quiet.
elektro- (Greek: "amber") + execut- (Latin: "carry out")
Downed or broken power lines also may pose electrocution hazards.
hyper (Greek: "to excess") + tensionem (Latin: "a stretching")
Common among patients are chronic ailments like diabetes and hypertension.
bi- (Latin: "double") + gamos (Greek: "marrying")
Being married to more than one person, or bigamy, is illegal across the United States.
meritus (Latin: "earning") + -kratia (Greek: "power")
Their scores functioned as a currency of merit for a nation that aspired to meritocracy.
bio (Greek: "life") + de- (Latin: "down") + gradi (Latin: "walk") + -abilis (Latin: "capable of")
Nestle was developing new paper-based materials and biodegradable polymers that are also recyclable.
de- (Latin: "down, away") + hydr- (Greek: "water")
“We dehydrate a lot of berries for granola and trail mixes.”
carbo (Latin: "carbon") + hydr- (Greek: "water")
There are innumerable plant-animal combinations, mostly in the sea, where the green plant cells provide carbohydrate and oxygen for the animal and receive a share of energy in return.
a- (Greek: "without") + moralis (Latin: "proper behavior")
A few weeks ago, I wrote about how it's fruitless to expect corporations to be moral – they are dumbly, amorally acquisitive.
autokhton (Greek: "native") + -ous (Old French) from -osus (Latin: "having, full of")
He also grows about 30 other vegetables or herbs for Mr. Alija, from the autochthonous to the exotic.
eponym (Greek: "giving one's name") + -ous (Old French) from -osus (Latin: "having, full of")
He is best known for his outspokenness and his role in crafting the eponymous Dodd-Frank Act, which sought to regulate the financial industry after the crash last decade.

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