Power Suffix: -escence

March 5, 2020
Learn this list of words that include the suffix -escence, meaning the "process or state of being."
When I don’t argue, he takes it as acquiescence.
My brother became a successful high-school football coach and a mentor to hundreds of young men, helping them through the difficult transition from adolescence to manhood.
After a period of convalescence, the horse returned to racing, only to be injured again.
In most cases it is the freeing of carbon dioxid that constitutes effervescence, but the freeing of any gas from liquid is effervescence.
The astonishing efflorescence of Iran’s young filmmakers in the 1990s is directly tied to this sense of acute economic disappointment, which produced movies with searing allegories that won numerous international awards.
Here today, gone tomorrow, they are like rare birds, seldom glimpsed, who remind us of the evanescence of all things, most of all physical beauty and the casual grace of youth.
He explains that the orange flame is colored by soot particles heated to incandescence.
In iridescence, an object reflects different colors at different angles, separating white light into its constituent colors.
Because in terms of energy-efficiency, if alternative light sources are available, there is no need for an organism to produce its own luminescence.
To safeguard access to stored information in the face of decay or technological obsolescence, archivists regularly transfer data to new media.
But over the next eight years, as solar activity built to a peak and then regressed back toward quiescence, the sun emitted no high-energy gamma rays at all.
“As organisms – and people – age, changes build up in their cells that eventually trigger cellular senescence,” she said.

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