Power Suffix: -scope

March 13, 2020
Have a close look at this list of words that include the suffix -scope, meaning "an instrument for observing." The Latinized scopium derives from the Greek skopein, "to look, to examine."
One of the satellite’s gyroscopes failed, which is a type of spinning rotor that is used by many spacecraft to help them point.
Mom called to tell me that, according to my horoscope in the Raleigh News and Observer, in two weeks I’ll get exactly what I’ve been striving for.
When you look through a kaleidoscope, the scene in front of you becomes a mosaic of tiles.
Using a laryngoscope to examine Mr. Kennedy’s throat, Dr. Dahl saw that his vocal cords were inflamed.
Each day, at her microscope, examining the embryonic salmon for flaws in their structure, Claire looked at the large dark spots that were their primitive, unformed eyes.
A clinical assistant gently pressed the tip of a video-equipped otoscope into Charles' ear, projecting images of the canal and eardrum on a second screen.
While present-day spectators typically use phones and selfie-sticks to see over crowds, those in 1947 got crafty, using hand mirrors, mirrors attached to sticks and periscopes to see over the crowds.
Using a scope that magnifies 700 times, her team found that none of the seven shampoos that claimed to reduce split ends actually worked as promised.
Dr. Hamid is there, a stethoscope pressed to Stella’s chest as she listens to her lungs.
Moving the telescope closer to the window, she spent some time mastering the knobs, bringing the leaves on the trees below into crisp focus.

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