Liberty, Equality, Vocabulary: The French Revolution

June 26, 2020
Don your liberty cap and learn these words related to the French Revolution. This vocabulary list covers the overthrow of the monarchy, the establishment of a republic, the Reign of Terror, the coup d'etat of Napoleon Bonaparte, and more.
“When Emmanuel Macron speaks, he uses the language of the bourgeoisie,” Louis continued.
Even now, 40 years since reform began, China’s social structure does not recognize people as equal citizens.
In 1933, he negotiated a concordat between the Catholic church and Germany.
Some 60 countries currently engage in active conscription, most of which register both men and women, according to a Pew Research survey, thought women in practice are very rarely called upon to serve.
Mr. Khan, a former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, reinvented himself as a religious conservative when he entered politics.
Russia holds a yes/no referendum on various topics including a proposal to amend the constitution to allow Putin to seek another two terms in the Kremlin.
coup d'etat
The government accuses the protesters of plotting a coup d'etat against the president, who was re-elected to a third consecutive term in office in 2016.
The country is now split east to west between the two factions and their backers.
There was a national debate over whether those charged with capital crimes should be executed with the hand axe or the guillotine; the guillotine was derided as “soulless, impersonal” and indicative of a lamentable “humanitarianism.”
There is clear tension not only between Mr. Biden and the party’s base, but between the moderate voters Mr. Biden needs to win the general election and the more liberal voters who populate Democratic primaries.
While Thailand is officially a constitutional monarchy, King Maha Vajiralongkorn wields immense power and insulting him is a crime punishable by up to 15 years in prison.
He is an icon of right-wing nationalism, founding the movement that later merged to become Likud - the party now led by Benjamin Netanyahu.
It’s just that Martha is a perfectly respectable daughter of nobility, and Philip is a prince.
While big cities are marked by gang violence and precarious employment and living conditions, the great majority of the poor are landless peasant farmers and indigenous or Afro-descendant Garifuna and Miskitu peoples.
The plebiscite was initially set for April 22 but, like the parade, was postponed by the coronavirus outbreak.
If you don’t, you will cede issue after issue to the radicals.
It's free speech that reactionary white people get in the pages of every major publication in the United States.
Now it was about the American republic and the political infantilism that that country is sinking into under that vulgar fool in the White House.
“I don’t think Poland will become like Ireland but I would like it to be a tolerant, secular state,” Holownia, who once studied to become a priest, told Reuters.
Black genius and black suffering inspired Mary Church Terrell, as she crisscrossed the country, standing before crowds to decry lynching and demand women’s suffrage.
And because down-payment assistance would be funded by progressive taxation, the system would redistribute wealth to those who weren’t born with rich parents.
The homeless and jobless are everywhere, even as the movie studios are raking in cash and Evangelical megachurches are booming on the tithes of the desperate and searching.
The complaint said he also declared himself to be a traitor against the United States whose conduct was tantamount to treason.

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