Languor Management: Synonyms for "Lazy"

February 19, 2021
From casually relaxed to downright lazy, these words describe various kinds of doing nothing. For more synonym lists, explore our Say What You Mean resources.
If you spend 20 minutes looking at your phone instead of getting ready for school, that's dawdling.
“From 9:30 to 10:30 we dawdle and delay. “
King George was in a fury over the dilatory, cautious behavior of his general.
If you idle your car, you leave the engine running while it's parked. If you're idle, you're not doing anything at all.
His men were idle and dishonest, the fields were full of weeds, the buildings wanted roofing, the hedges were neglected, and the animals were underfed.
My MST classmates are so indolent, they wouldn’t read the book for homework, so the teacher is making us read it aloud to shame us.
To be inert is to be motionless, stuck, or unresponsive. Inert gases — the so-called "noble gases" on the Periodic Table — don't react with any other elements. Inertem means "inactive" or "sluggish" in Latin.
Sometimes he stayed there, fully clothed and inert, for twelve or thirteen hours.
My eighth-grade daughter is supposed to be responsible for sweeping and scooping litter but does a terrible, lackadaisical job.
If you lag behind your friends on a walk, you're a laggard.
And Germany, long a laggard in adopting electric vehicles, saw more people buy electrics in December than opted for previously dominant diesel vehicles.
Languid is a relaxed, laid back kind of laziness.
But on a beautiful late afternoon, the band sounds unusually languid.
Away from the office, Barack and I talked endlessly, over leisurely walks around Hyde Park dressed in shorts and T-shirts and meals that seemed short to us but in reality went on for hours.
Lethargic is lazy, sleepy, and slow. It comes from the Greek words lethe, "forgetfulness," and argos, "not working."
The sea moved in a lethargic way, as if already exhausted by the oncoming heat.
Loitering is a fancy way of saying "hanging around, not doing anything." It originated in the Dutch leuteren, meaning "to shake" or "to flap," like a loose sail with no wind.
Although I knew it was risky, I loitered as close to the gates as possible, waiting for a moment when I might be able to dart through them.
Sloths are famous for moving slowly.
Your lads are slothful, and are idling in the streets.
So are slugs.
But even Finn seemed weighted down, his steps sluggish.
Stagnant water usually smells bad and is full of mosquito larvae.
Dragonflies skated over the scum on the stagnant backwater.
To be torpid is to be dormant, motionless, or asleep.
Despite the cool, exciting air of the July evening, he seemed apathetic and torpid.

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