Intermediate, List 9

November 30, 2022
This list of intermediate words features a mixture of easier and more difficult words that you may be less familiar with. Study these words and watch your GRE score grow.
We are very modern—our bathroom is equipped with amenities such as a flushing toilet, an iron bathtub, and running water.
The big thing back then was something called “desktop publishing” and now the very idea of printing anything seems like an anachronism.
These alterations don’t make him appear more normal, however, but more anomalous, like a creature from an alien planet disguised in human clothing.
The whole dear notion of one’s own Self—marvelous old free-willed, free-enterprising, autonomous, independent, isolated island of a Self—is a myth.
The satellites met up in what’s called a “graveyard orbit,” which is a place where defunct satellites are put so that they won’t interfere with active satellites.
In contrast, food that distends the stomach initiates short reflexes that cause cells in the stomach wall to increase their secretion of digestive juices.
Magazines called his culture medium “an elixir of youth” and claimed that bathing in it might make a person live forever.
It was suddenly cool to know stuff, to expatiate on the causes of the Spanish Civil War.
Hodor blinked at him with guileless brown eyes, eyes innocent of understanding.
The scent of burning wood reminded everyone of land so far away, and sunk many of the men into nostalgia and fresh pangs of homesickness.
When someone dies, people always say they had some sort of premonition, a sinking feeling that something awful was right around the corner.
It felt wrong, preternatural; it shouldn’t have gotten so cold so quickly.
His black sorcerer was more puissant than all of Euron’s three, even if you threw them in a pot and boiled them down to one.
The fact that the Japanese had attacked Hawaii rather than invaded the continental United States was a distinction that neither of us bothered to quibble over.
What possible rationale could exist for a large American land force, since the conflict with France was occurring on the high seas?
He had refused to recant his heresies, including his belief in other inhabited worlds.
He never was to them the mean whining deity of the Iliad, but magnificent in shining armor, redoubtable, invincible.
The black-and-scarlet beast was draped across her shoulders, its long sinuous neck coiled under her chin.
Maybe you grew up poor, so now you’re a spendthrift, but your spending frustrates your frugal spouse, so you think winning the lottery will fix the issue.
Suddenly his voice was so strident that I looked up startled.

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