Intermediate, List 10

November 30, 2022
This list of intermediate words features a mixture of easier and more difficult words that you may be less familiar with. Study these words and watch your GRE score grow.
“Impeachment is meant as a defense of the constitutional order, a defense of democracy against a president who would abuse his power to threaten the constitutional order to aggrandize power.”
He fingered his amulet nervously, hoping it had protected him, but he knew it had no power over the Evil Eye.
There are illuminations of Miss Havisham that may haunt you — apropos for one of Dickens' most haunting characters.
In 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed “to argue without asperity, and to endeavor to convince the judgment without hurting the feelings of each other.”
It had plenty of money and superb facilities, yet it was struggling to build a reputation for scholarship commensurate with its riches.
In 2007, a survey by Nationwide Insurance found that 73 percent of people reported talking on a cell phone while driving, with teen drivers showing the highest use of any demographic.
Instead, she scolds the coconuts one by one as if they were errant children.
The mere sound of that execrable, ugly name made his blood run cold and his breath come in labored gasps.
Anaheim had been settled in the late nineteenth century by German immigrants hoping to create a local wine industry and by a group of Polish expatriates trying to establish a back-to-the-land artistic community.
“I thought you did not want the crown! Only yesterday, before we wed, you said you would forswear Denmark’s throne.”
However, all writers about them, from Romans to modern zookeepers, decry their irascible temper and their nasty habit of biting people.
Rio is the cradle of samba and bossa nova music and home to libertine Carnival festivities that encourage costumes and clowning.
The snow we stepped through on the road was pristine, our tracks the first.
When the book opens the punctilious Phileas Fogg lives by the clock, his schedule never varying, each day passed almost entirely at London’s Reform Club, where he reads the newspapers, dines and plays whist.
It's time to take seriously the mental health ramifications of student debt infecting almost every aspect of a borrower's life.
It had been her care which provided me a companion in Clerval—and yet a man is blind to a thousand minute circumstances which call forth a woman’s sedulous attention.
He filled the car with a rant about his history teacher, followed by a tirade about his math teacher and a torrent about his biology teacher.
Their anguish is real and their struggles unfeigned.
No politician shines as brightly or behaves at their most crass and venal as they do when they’re dancing for votes and money.
Quality has decreased over the years, vitiating the brand in one of the areas that matters most – reliability.

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