Intermediate, List 12

November 30, 2022
This list of intermediate words features a mixture of easier and more difficult words that you may be less familiar with. Study these words and watch your GRE score grow.
Unfortunately, he died suddenly in 1916, at least partly exhausted by his quest and the search fell into abeyance while Lowell’s heirs squabbled over his estate.
Or here was the law: as his life diminished, theirs burgeoned, requiring attention.
The categorical imperative also suggests that one can never lie to another person, for any reason, even if the asker is a murderer seeking information to help carry out a killing.
Dementia is a neurocognitive disorder that results in a decline in brain function and concomitant impairments in thinking, remembering and reasoning.
French is exactly the language of the world,—worthy to become the universal language, that all may have it in their power to cheat and cozen and betray each other!
The inward person doth shrink and hesitate before the daunting inception of active deeds, wishing that some discouraging voice should intervene and forbid, so that no hazard might be made.
I fancied that a malevolent Rumpelstiltskin crept into my room at night and undid my best work, turning the gold of my efforts into pathetic dross on a wheel perversely spinning backward.
Usually when someone dies, there are encomiums about how kind, generous and loving the person was.
Greg thinks he helps on busy nights, but really, he only exacerbates the problem.
These scholars examined every word to determine the most felicitous turns of phrase before sending their work to colleagues for confirmation.
Rue, who is dressed in a gossamer gown complete with wings, flutters her way to Caesar.
Many mathematical problems are so intractable, and experiments involving them so expensive, that this kind of probabilistic simulation is the only alternative to giving up on them.
At the river’s edge during flood season are small trees inundated to the tips of their branches.
Her father was not, she insisted, “a joyous, jocose gentleman walking about the world with a plum pudding and bowl of punch.”
A cold lassitude came over him and he passed into a dreaming, inert stupor, full of cramp and pain.
Meanwhile, backbreaking toil both in the workplace and in the home was for the most part replaced by far less onerous employment.
Quincey Morris was phlegmatic in the way of a man who accepts all things, and accepts them in the spirit of cool bravery, with hazard of all he has to stake.
So if we could determine how many primordial black holes there are now, we would learn a lot about the very early stages of the universe.
The snake, on the other hand, was curled up on the rotting hearth rug, like some horrible travesty of a pet dog.
The palace of the King of Elfhame has many secret alcoves and hidden corridors, perfect for trysts or assassins or staying out of the way and being really dull at parties.

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