Challenge, List 1

November 30, 2022
This list of challenge words features some of the hardest words that you will encounter in the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE. These are words that typically appear less frequently across different academic disciplines, so you are less likely to have encountered them before. Master these difficult words and watch your GRE score soar!
Mercury brought Psyche into the palace of the gods, and Jupiter himself gave her the ambrosia to taste which made her immortal.
No amount of wheedling and blandishment would cause the cynical badger to change her mind.
Criminologists had come to understand that blood coagulates at the lowest point of a body after death, producing dark splotches on the skin.
But the real conundrum that heredity solves is much more general: What is the nature of instruction that allows an organism to build a nose—any nose—in the first place?
Jenny beamed at her as she said something that Dimple was sure were effervescent compliments, but every time Jenny opened her mouth, all Dimple could hear were beeps.
Time and again, though, Manifest Destiny was revealed as little more than a euphemism for the violent appropriation of Native American land for the benefit of white settlers.
We joked about everyday topics and his geniality didn't stop once we boarded the plane.
Obnoxiously giggling and firing off crude and lascivious remarks, the nocturnal fishermen had kept a light on the petrified lovers for at least thirty seconds before hee-hawing back into the blackness.
I mean, I wouldn't normally talk at such length and be so loquacious, but I'm going to give you material, you know.
It’s rare in history to be able to see a city grow and metamorphose like a stop-motion flower unfolding or a landscape changing before our eyes.
Mrs. Harper told us that when she was younger and Pluto was still a planet, the mnemonic device they used was “My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas.”
And then there are Qyburn’s experiments in necromancy, which brought back The Mountain from the dead.
“These are far from neophytes. These are sophisticated, savvy art world veterans.”
He’s called the Doorman because from a very early age he had a strong penchant for sitting by the front door.
A courageous scoundrel is far worse than a pusillanimous one.
As the Korean Bar Association has noted, “South Koreans, who publicly cherish the virtue of brotherly love, have been inexplicably stuck in a deep quagmire of indifference.”
The bizarre, tenuous nature of their connection struck him with new force—that a moth should be their only link.
The nearly inevitable result was that federal policy looked vacillating, or indecisive, further undermining northern support for Reconstruction policy.
There was something vacuous and stupid about it, flapping out there in the middle of nowhere, something empty, banal, brutish.
The thought of falling induced a kind of vertigo in Lyra, and she swayed.

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