Challenge, List 4

November 30, 2022
This list of challenge words features some of the hardest words that you will encounter in the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE. These are words that typically appear less frequently across different academic disciplines, so you are less likely to have encountered them before. Master these difficult words and watch your GRE score soar!
The advice to omit needless words should not be confused with the puritanical edict that all writers must pare every sentence down to the shortest, leanest, most abstemious version possible.
The time of action is upon us, but I remain ambivalent as to what action I should take.
They saw no hulking behemoth capable of the enormous sound they had heard.
“I wish you’d learn to put the caps back on things properly when you’re finished using them,” she said in a tone she fully meant to sound captious.
Pretending to be happy about it compounds my irritation and makes me feel disingenuous.
Some of the verse is patriotic doggerel in a variety of languages, with translations in English that mock supernationalist silliness.
The game was resumed the next day and Bobby, feeling ebullient because he was in a winning position, agreed to play on the main stage.
Subtle thought and fine manners — powerful tools no matter to what ends they are put — are still dismissed as unnecessary refinement, effete and pretentious.
There were two or three varieties, but each subtype was markedly distinct, and each was endemic to one particular island.
No evidence emerged linking the man to the crime at the school in Myanmar’s capital, Naypyitaw, and some testimony exculpated him.
Many players jumped into the fracas and even more punches were thrown.
He turned away few requests and received fulsome gratitude in return.
They battled across the green Abbey lawns, right through the center of the maelstrom of warring creatures.
During the 1980s Fischer made a number of impressive ascents that earned him a modicum of local renown, but celebrity in the world climbing community eluded him.
Perplexed, Harry looked to Hermione for help, but she shook her head, apparently as nonplussed as he was.
“Well, my uncle gave me Mr. Lemoncello’s Phenomenal Picture Word Puzzler for Chanukah and I can’t figure out this one rebus.”
In any case the data are often expressed in so mathematically recondite a form that they are unintelligible to the majority of historical profession.
Last revised in 2016, the document offers a rubric for what science the biomedical community agrees is worthy, and which projects are off-limits.
The man who glowered before him conformed to the classic stereotype of Marine barber Ben had envisioned in his mind: the face was saturnine, pock-marked, and the mouth was grim.
Season 1’s Klingons, obsessed with maintaining purity and dominating other worlds, were written to resemble a certain strain of political zealot.

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