Challenge, List 11

November 30, 2022
This list of challenge words features some of the hardest words that you will encounter in the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE. These are words that typically appear less frequently across different academic disciplines, so you are less likely to have encountered them before. Master these difficult words and watch your GRE score soar!
One of my father’s favorite apothegms was that “you can’t argue with success.”
It has an attentive ear for the language and mores of its different eras and the professional argot of its characters.
Then there’s the old canard about how Europeans supposedly get along better with each other than Americans, which is fascinating until you learn—from any European you ask—that it simply isn’t true.
Inventors thereby have a financial incentive to denigrate or ignore previous work.
In the wake of the reapers’ scythes the black land showed again through the stubble, no longer moist and rich but bone-hard, desiccated, and beginning to crack in all directions under the burning sun.
Its exposed brick walls and wood-and-steel-beam floors, and signature rows of old sewing machines suggest nothing so much as an East London warehouse fallen into desuetude.
As he was distrait and wanted to talk to somebody, he sent for Simon Chester, who came at once, breathless with hurrying and upset by the unexpected summons. 
The dutiful expository business of explaining origins has been taken care of, and the hero can suffer, fight and explore the dilemmas of his dual nature.
It is not the lack of political will to build housing, but the inflexible intransigence of planning policy that is the obstacle to change.
He saw a great juggernaut of stars form in the sky and threaten to roll over and crush him.
Usually Mr. Birkway would let people go to the bathroom or to the nurse, but this time he said, “Let’s not malinger!”
His narcissism, his megalomania, his delicate yet illimitable ego, would have it no other way.
The weather does its best to massacre his New Yorkers, tormenting them with frigid winters and suffocating summers; their response to the vital challenge is to show off the mettlesome resilience of the human animal.
It is made up of a blood clot that occludes an artery in the brain.
Because the stiffening of the heart starts in late-middle age, it’s best to start training before age 65, while the heart retains plasticity and the ability to remodel itself.
Thomas Paine’s “Rights of Man”, which was published in 1791, is a direct riposte to Burke; indeed, Paine’s tract is subtitled, “Being An Answer to Mr Burke’s Attack on the French Revolution”.
He wiggled his eyebrows at me, his crooked grin clearly salacious.
On the big screen, he has frequently co-starred with other thespians who have at one point in their careers played Hamlet or appeared in stage productions or screen versions of the classic play.
Our cranky nation, with its constant surplus of truculence, could benefit from a smidgen of Thomas Jefferson’s live-and-let-live spirit.
A generation ago, the WTO drew huge, vituperative, even violent protests — notably from anti-globalists and anarchists who detested its closed-door secrecy and elites-decide-all image.

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