Challenge, List 12

November 30, 2022
This list of challenge words features some of the hardest words that you will encounter in the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE. These are words that typically appear less frequently across different academic disciplines, so you are less likely to have encountered them before. Master these difficult words and watch your GRE score soar!
“Afternoon, young man,” he said, with an avuncular chuckle, as he passed Shadow.
Pope Francis has created a new category for beatification, the level immediately below sainthood, in the Catholic Church: those who give their lives for others.
One of the surgeons has started offering a “tongue bifurcation” procedure wherein the tongue is split down the middle, creating a lizardlike appearance for patients who are interested in body modification.
The combined sound of bells tolling and sirens wailing seemed not just a cacophonous way to ring in the new year, but a sound that symbolized a new era in our freedom struggle.
People who use emollient creams to treat dry and itchy skin conditions are being warned they can build up in fabrics and cause them to catch fire more easily.
The central task of such an epistemology is not to explain why we have been successful in our pursuit of scientific knowledge; there is no good answer to that question.
This was an ethnocentric culture that took an unfavorable view of outsiders.
The etiology of cancer is complicated, and we shouldn't expect a "magic pill" to be discovered anytime soon.
When it rains, water soaks into the soil, through compacted dirt and rock, until it is blocked by an impermeable surface.
Sequences are repeated, and the patterns become recognizable: the ineluctable and inescapable games of power, the fear and the hope of those caught up in a world beyond their control.
At the same time, it highlights the insularity of too much contemporary writing, in which we are asked to see the world, again and again, through an individual's eyes as opposed to a collective frame.
The contrast was palpable, the lustrous and vibrant green of new ferns, and shaggy mosses, holly and laurel juxtaposed with the blackened hillsides.
I defend a woman's right to cover her hair if she chooses but the face is central to human interaction and so the ideologues who promote its covering are simply misogynists.
One of the best neologisms to bubble up during the Internet era is “moasting,” a verb that combines the words moaning and boasting.
A supermoon is a full moon that occurs when the moon is at perigee, its closest point to Earth in its orbit.
Which ones were the real artists and which ones were the poseurs?
We know of countless later instances of magic which require only the crudest and most schematic kind of representation, such as two crossed sticks for a human figure.
“We’ll be giving work on body structure and centering,” he said, as well as on grounding, balancing and “many other applicable things from somatic work.”
But the works on this excellent recording are prime examples of how Brahms the “progressive,” as Schoenberg called him, subsumed ancient forms and methods to look forward, even in sadness.
If blank verse be not tumid and gorgeous, it is crippled prose; and familiar images, in laboured language, have nothing to recommend them but absurd novelty, which, wanting the attractions of nature, cannot please long.

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