Data Analysis, List 3

December 1, 2022
Review these terms and concepts related to data analysis that may be tested on the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE test.
In risk management, analysis and prevention, an accident causation model called the Swiss cheese model, proposed by James Reason, author of Human Error, is used to help avoid unacceptable events in an organization.
Through extensive calculations, scientists landed on their measurement, which is precise to seven standard deviations — far above the five standard deviations that yields a statistical gold-standard finding.
The researchers envision a cilia-covered chip as the basis of a diagnostic device that could test any sample of water, blood or urine to find contaminants or markers of disease.
Consensus does not emerge immediately and is never based on a single publication; it is established by extensive, meticulous, empirical work that other scientists and reviewers examine deeply and critically at all stages.
We generated 109,000 artificial data sets, after which we created histograms to assess the null distributions for all genes, as well as the likelihood of finding combinations of recurrent events.
But once confronted with the probability distribution for survival, the human spirit may choose to defy all odds and behave as a statistical outlier.
These so-called solitary waves, or solitons, emerged and formed the parade with a predictable periodicity, marching perfectly on beat, consequently building a time crystal.
But she and some others think the GRE can be a useful element for holistic reviews, considered alongside qualitative elements such as recommendation letters, personal statements, and CVs.
A quantitative test might measure the concentration of particles on the inside of the mask and compare it with the concentration in the ambient air.
The countries are divided into four quartiles, and ranked in order of the employment rate of the grey-haired contingent.
Scientists then track the variants' sway on health, a method called Mendelian randomization because it relies on accidents of heredity to create comparison groups.
For those not familiar with a recursive loop, it occurs when a program calls itself, over and over, and loops endlessly.
The retraction notice cited “concerns about the reliability of the article’s results and conclusions” and said the latter were not supported by experimental data.
The model can simulate climatic phenomena, such as storms and ocean eddies, at 1-kilometer resolution, as much as 100 times sharper than typical global simulations.
He is known for developing Deliberative Polling, a process that—like citizens’ assemblies—uses stratified random sampling to gather a representative group of citizens, facilitate informed deliberation among them, and highlight “actionable priorities” for governments.

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