Irene Cara (1959–2022) Tribute List

January 14, 2023
An American singer, songwriter, and actress, Irene Cara reached international acclaim performing the title song in the film Fame and the Academy Award winning best original song "Flashdance...What A Feeling" from the film Flashdance. Nominated for numerous awards in her career, Cara won a Golden Globe and two Grammys. She also acted in several other productions on stage, film, and television, including The Wiz and Roots. As a musical artist, she performed hits like "Breakdance" and "Why Me?" This tribute highlights her legacy with song lyrics and biographical articles.
Take your passion
And make it happen
– Flashdance…What A Feeling
I'm gonna make it to heaven
Light up the sky like a flame
I'm gonna live forever
Baby, remember my name
– Fame
I'm gonna make it to heaven
Light up the sky like a flame
( Fame)
I'm gonna live forever
Baby, remember my name
Sometimes I wonder
Where I've been
Who I am, do I fit in?
– Out Here On My Own
Down by the corner, I keep getting the heat
Then my feet start moving to the rhythmic beat
Breakdancing, break out
– Breakdance
Anyone can see
What you mean to me
Anyone can tell I fell for you so easily
– Anyone Can See
I don't want your sympathy
Why me?
– Why Me?
Illusions of love would come and go
I guess you have to hurt before you grow
And everybody knows
Never let go of the, never let go of the dream
– The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream)
People say I'm naive
Wearing my heart on my sleeve
– You Were Made For Me
Deep in the soul of the world
I reach out
From my heart to spread the word
– All My Heart
And I'll serenade Venus
I'll serenade Mars
– I Sing the Body Electric
Love survives, beyond our lives
I feel those times growing stronger
– Love Survives
She scored her most memorable hit with "Flashdance…What a Feeling." With a low, deep voice, she gently crooned the confessions that open the tune, then unleashed a power for sustaining notes in the exclamatory chorus.
The New York Times
…Cara accepted the Oscar for best original song for "Flashdance...What a Feeling," along with the songwriting team of Flashdance (1983)—music by Giorgio Moroder, lyrics by Keith Forsey and Cara—for which she sang the jubilant title song.
Both Fame and another single from the film soundtrack, Out Here on My Own (a Top 20 US hit), were nominated for Oscars, and since both were sung by Cara she achieved the rare feat of singing more than one song at an Academy Awards ceremony.
The Guardian

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