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How Words Get Made is running a special report on neologisms — all about how and why new words enter the language. And the Visual Thesaurus family is well-represented, with featured articles by editor Ben Zimmer and contributor Mark Peters.

Here is the full list of articles in the special report:

Spreading the Word
By Ben Zimmer
How language is made and why it grows.

By Mark Peters
Emerging prefixes and suffixes.

Putting In A Good Word
By Grant Barrett
A dictionary editor weighs the survival odds of ten newly-coined words.

The Word's Tale
By John McWhorter
How new words become real words.

Why Language Changes
By Sherry Coven & Paul Yeager
Ever since prehistoric man ran out of things he could draw on a wall, we've invented new words.

Gaming Words for Newbs
By Anna Vander Broek
Don't get pwned ~~ buff your vocabulary before you play an online game.

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