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Is Technology Destroying Language?

In an interview with BBC Future, Ben Zimmer, executive editor of and the Visual Thesaurus, weighed in on the question, "Is technology changing language?" It is, he explains, but not in ways we may at first imagine. In this video, he explains that "language is very sturdy" and the impact technology is making on it means that we are living an "exhilarating time." 

Ben's not the only one talking about the effect technology is having on language. Here, a British documentary explores the relationship between new technology and the evolution of language in interviews with Fiona McPherson, Senior Editor with the Oxford English Dictionary, Robert McCrum, Associate Editor of The Observer, linguist David Crystal, and technology theorist Tom Chatfield

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Tuesday December 9th 2014, 11:21 PM
Comment by: Infernally Alice (CA)
i think technology will cause problems in many other things, not just language.
Tuesday December 23rd 2014, 3:26 AM
Comment by: mayur H.
Technology isn't a hindrance. It shall , if anything, make language easier to comprehend.

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