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Writer Forums

Why toil away at your masterpiece alone? Reach out to other writers for help, advice and inspiration on these online forums:

The Water Cooler

The Writer Magazine

Poem Zone


How Do We Learn?

These blogs investigate the way we learn things, learning technology and eLearning. Check out:

Clive on Learning

Learn Learn Learn

In the Middle of the Curve

The Bamboo Project

Book Agents Unplugged!

Want to know what your agent really thinks? These book agent blogs give you the inside scoop about writers, publishers and the biz!

Miss Snark, literary agent

Lit Agent X

Pub Rants

The Knight Agency

Bookends, LLC -- A literary agency

Fannishly Speaking

Can't tell your beserker from your Dyson sphere? These websites are devoted to the peculiar, fascinating -- and delicious -- argot of Science Fiction fandom and literature, many words of which have filtered into our mainstream language...

Fanspeak Glossary

Prototype Worlds

Fannish Reference Works

Turkey City Lexicon

Ed Tech Blogs

Want to understand how technology is impacting students, teachers and schools? These blogs tackle the issues -- and controversies -- surrounding educational technology:


The K12 Geek

Not So Distant Future

Blog Book Reviews

Last week we brought you blog book tours. This week it's blog book reviews! Check out these websites for book reviews and commentary:

Avid Book Reader

Chick Lit Books

Book Burger

Curled Up With a Good Book

Book Tours, Virtually

No time to stop by the local bookstore to listen to a reading by your favorite author? Why, check out a "blog book tour" -- where writers visit blogs instead of stores. Here are literary blogs that feature authors, their books and book-related conversation, all at your computer-driven fingertips:

The Elegant Variation

Major Bedhead Reviews

Book of Kells

Writing in the Mountains

8 9 10 11 12 Displaying 64-70 of 141 Articles