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Debbie's Teacher Blogs

Debbie Shults, the veteran teacher, literacy coach -- and now blogger -- we interview in this week's "Teachers at Work" column, recommends these blogs written by and for teachers:

"Jess Timmons, my young blogging mentor, has a blog called Meaningful Fragments. Jess's website was my original inspiration, and reading her posts keeps me in touch with what our best young teachers are thinking."

"Zach Chase, another young teacher in the Sarasota County Public School system, has a fabulous blog called, Mr. Chase's Room. He is a definite guru in the world of educational blogs. His posts are always thought provoking and innovative."

"Darren Kuropatwa. I found his blog, A Difference, through a link on Zach Chase's blog. Darren is a math teacher who writes about all kinds of ideas, especially what's on the cutting edge in integrating technology into the classroom."

Listening to Language

Listening to language-related tips, talk, stories, controversies, usage questions and even a joke or two, that is. Where? On these language podcasts and internet broadcasts:

Grammar Girl

Australia's Lingua Franca

BBC's Word of Mouth

The Word Nerds

OUP Blog

The terrific Oxford University Press blog recommends a bunch of other terrific blogs about language. Here are a few of our favorites:

Read Steady Book

fade theory

The Elegant Variation


Reaching Women

These women write about how to market, brand and communicate to, well, women. Check out their influential blogs:

Wonder Branding

Marketing to Women Online

Learned on Women

Lip Sticking

Heavy Thinkers

So many of us blog. That's the fun of it. Your Uncle Fritz writes a blog about scrimshaw. Your kid's teacher writes a blog about elementary education. Your book club writes a group blog about, well, books. And these heavy duty thinkers write blogs that explore a world beyond their books, lectures and performances:

Lawrence Lessig writes about the culture of the internet and cyberspace law

Edward Tufte has been described as the "Leonardo da Vinci of data" (not a traditional blog, per se, but very much his own approach)

Richard Edelman founded of one of the world's largest PR firms

Musical innovator Moby is also a writer and activist.

Help Is On the Way

Like a million wise uncles, blogs offer every kind of advice you can possibly imagine. Want to write better, think better, produce better, market better? Well then, check out these avuncular tidbits:

How to Write Research Papers that Rock!

10 Ways To Keep Your Memory Strong

9 Effective Ways to Get 200% More Work Done

Marketing an Experience

DIY Publishing

Self-publishing: Once the Scarlet Letter of the book publishing industry. But the stigma is vanishing, now that more and more writers are opting for "publishing freedom," as one website calls it -- and innovative companies are helping them achieve it. How? Check out these sites to learn more:

Plain White Press

Book Surge



9 10 11 12 13 Displaying 71-77 of 141 Articles