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The Translator's Art

Professional translators spend their days criss-crossing linguistic borders, so it's no surprise that they have some of the most intriguing insights on language.

Naked Translations

Working Languages

Thoughts on Translation

Translating is an Art


Literary Criticism

Check out these online sources for literary criticism collections and discussion:

The Valve

Online Literary Criticism Collection

Literary Criticism Sources

Critical Reading: A Guide

Haiku in a Blog

These blogs will nourish your soul with haikus both humble and profound.

Haiku Poet

dagosan's haiku diary

Miso Soup

Haiku Workshop

Empowering Writing

These nonprofit groups aim to empower kids and grownups through writing and storytelling. Please check them out - and give them your support!




Sharpen Your Editing Pencil

These sites offer discussions, training, workshops, exercises and other resources for copy editors and journalists wanting to improve their craft.

Newsroom 101

No Train, No Gain


Testy Copy Editors

Why They Write

Wonder what makes a Hollywood writer tick? Check out these blogs for talk, tips and inspiration for writing for the silver screen and the tube:

Why We Write

The Artful Writer

Jane in Progress

Animation Writers

Owner of Wendy's

Copy Editors Unite!

These newspaper and magazine copy editors blog about usage, style, grammar, punctuation and, most importantly, how to avoid language-related pratfalls:

The Cranky Copy Editor

Words to the Wise

Words at Work

Engine Room

4 5 6 7 8 Displaying 36-42 of 141 Articles