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Teacher's Little Helpers

Teachers (and parents, too), check out these links for creative activities, games and software to inspire and challenge your students. And have fun, of course.


Talk Shoe




Young Writers

Teens: Itching to write? Check out these sites for support and inspiration! (And a ton of invaluable how-to.)

Miss Erin

Write On!

Young Writers Project

Merlyn's Pen

Teen Reads

Literary Blogs

Check out these literary blogs for belles-lettres-related thoughts profound, serious, quirky and sometimes humorous:

Ready Steady Book blog

The Literary Saloon


This Space

When University Presses Blog

Looking for a good read or good reading about good reads? Check out these university press blogs for reviews, interviews and tidbits about the wide-ranging and fascinating books they publish:

Indiana University Press Blog

University of California Press Blog

University of Nebraska Press Blog

University of Hawai'i Press Blog

Off the Page (the Harvard University Press author forum)

Wisdom of Authors

These writers maintain outstanding blogs that explore creativity and the writing life. Learn from them.

Theresa Williams

Wendy Nelson Tokunaga

Alton Gansky

Chris Well: Learning Curve

Introducing Readers to Writers

These blogs review books, introduce writers, cover literary news, offer literary links, and even feature a video or two:




Books, Movies and Chinese Food

Keep It Short

These blogs focus on all things related to the short story genre. Hey, if Nathanial Hawthorne, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway cut their teeth on short stories, why can't you?

I Read a Short Story Today

The Short Story Website

Luna Park

Five Chapters

5 6 7 8 9 Displaying 43-49 of 141 Articles