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Marketing communications expert Dianne Huff, who contributed this week's "Candlepower" feature, recommends these books on copywriting and grammar:

The Elements of Copywriting "This is my favorite, and most referred to, "Bly" book on copywriting. It's concise, well-organized and a great resource for experienced and "newbie" B-to-B copywriters alike."

Sleeping Dogs Don't Lay "Does the thought of reading grammar rules make your eyes glaze over? Me, too. That's why I like this book. It's a fun read plus you'll learn something."

Write on Target "If you don't have a clue what a "buck slip" is or want to get more from your direct response campaigns, read this book. It covers everything from "anatomy of a direct mail package" to "TV, Radio and Telephone Marketing."

Ogilvy on Advertising "I reread this book at least once a year, specifically the chapters on "How to Produce Advertising that Sells," "Wanted: A Renaissance in Print Advertising," and "The Secrets to Success in B-to-B Writing." Lively, fresh, and arrogant, the master David Ogilvy tells you how to how to make it in the advertising / copywriting world."

The Copy Workshop Workbook "Packed with photographs and case studies of advertising campaigns, how-to information, and copywriting exercises, this book is a "must-have" for any marketing or advertising writer serious about producing copy that gets results. The first 80 or so pages discuss the history of advertising -- well worth the price of the book."

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