Now Wear This!

Give your favorite somebody your favorite word map! Now you can order a Visual Thesaurus word map on a t-shirt, mug, even a postage stamp. Simply search for a word, click on the "Share" button on top right hand of the Visual Thesaurus window, and follow the easy steps. We can't think of a better gift -- or a gift to yourself, for that matter! (Hey, we're biased!)

VT on TV

Check out this nice review of the Visual Thesaurus that ran recently on the Tech TV network. It includes a nice walk-through of some of our many features.

Click here to watch the whole review.

Not Just For Writer's Block

The Visual Thesaurus isn't just a fun way to avoid writing. Sure you can surf our word maps, discover new meanings and suss out relationships between words. But at some point you gotta put quill to parchment, pen to paper, keyboard to file. You got to get to work. That's where the Visual Thesaurus really comes in handy. With over 145,000 words and related meanings, all connected by a remarkable interactive interface, you'll find the right word, master usage -- and use words more precisely. The best part is the Visual Thesaurus works naturally and intuitively like your brain, not some paper-bound book. So you'll get your writing done. And still have fun.

Visual Thesaurus Makes Naming and Branding Easy

Every once in a while, those of us in marketing and advertising are faced with the challenge of naming a company, a product or a service. This usually means sifting through reams of data and then throwing up hundreds of words on the white board until something sticks. The Visual Thesaurus makes that process so much easier by illustrating the meaning and relationship between words in a graphical format. The white board's stupid. Visual Thesaurus is smart. Which are you?

Sweet Words

"I have to say that VISUAL THESAURUS is the one addition to my new Apple/Intel computer I would never be without. I write professionally and I am a dreadful typist. When I proof my work or just simple email, my VT is open. As a matter of fact it opens when the computer goes on. I have sent it as a gift to my children and friends who write as well. I have no shame about pushing a product that is both helpful, practical and reasonable in price. If you write or email often, this is an indispensable tool. You will wonder how you managed without it. And you do not need to be a computer whiz to use it. :-)" -- subscriber from Jerusalem, Israel

Best Gift Ever!

The Visual Thesaurus is the perfect gift for a fellow word lover, student, or visual thinker.

Order today and we'll ship it out right away! If you'd like, we can even gift wrap it for you.

The VT for Father's Day!

Sure you can get your dad a clip-on tie. But how about a click-on tie? This Father's Day give him the gift that matches any shirt -- the Visual Thesaurus. Click here to order a gift.

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