VT Tip o' the Week

Working with Other Applications

You can use the Visual Thesaurus seamlessly with other applications such as word processors and web browsers

Copy and Paste. Copy the word you'd like to look up in the Visual Thesaurus from another application. Open the Visual Thesaurus. Type Ctrl+v for Windows and Command+v for Macintosh.

Drag and Drop. To drag words into the Visual Thesaurus, select the word in your word processor (or other applications) by clicking on it. Then click again, and hold down the mouse button. Drag the word to the Visual Thesaurus and let go of the mouse button. (Please note: not all applications support drag and drop)

To drag a word from the Visual Thesaurus into your word processor (or other applications), click the word in the Visual Thesaurus, holding the mouse button down. Drag the word into the window of the other application and let go of the mouse button.

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