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I am a writer living in San Francisco, California. I love words and dictionaries, and I own many wonderful hard copy dictionaries. In the last few years I have expanded my love of dictionaries to the online versions. I encountered the Visual Thesaurus accidentally when Googling a better word for "lengthy." (I chose "protracted.") I am entranced by the way the Visual Thesaurus works. It will be a further aid in my quest to find just the right word to communicate each idea I wish to share.
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Vivid is an intense, crisp little word as bright and full of life as its synonyms reveal. It is brilliant, bright, intense; graphically packing worlds into its five characters with one pointy repeated V. It possesses a smoothed sharpness in its aurally graphic internal alliteration. It is a pleasure to speak the world aloud, as well as to repeat it: vivid, vivid, vivid. It is from the Latin word vividus,"spirited, animated, lively," and from vivus, "alive," and its utterance fills one with life.
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Load is a small word that is excessively unattractive in its pronunciation as well as in its meanings. Its poor little rounded shoulders are weighted with more sadness of expression than it should be expected to support: onus, encumbrance, warhead. Just being in its neighborhood begins to weigh one down with its burdens. I feel sorry for it as I malign it, but it is a homely word.
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"The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven."
- John Milton

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Comparative Nonsense
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