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Summer Reading: Thinking Outside the Book

The New York Times Learning Network is offering students an alternative to the run-of-the-mill summer reading lists that are being stuffed into backpacks across the nation this time of year. The Learning Network's "Student Challenge" asks students to read The New York Times over the course of the summer and to identify something that either piques their interest or catches their eye. Bonus: the Learning Network plans on featuring the best student submissions on their blog!

Read more about the Student Challenge here.

Going Graphic

Teachers, if you are considering having your students read graphic novels or create their own, check out these inspiring sites.

National Association of Comics Art Educators

Teaching Graphic Novels blog

Comic Creator

An Introduction to Graphic Novels podcast

Grammar Rules!

Learning grammar doesn't have to be dreary! Long gone are the days of sentence diagramming, or so it seems if you check out the fun interactive content on these grammar sites:


Grammar Bytes

Grammar Gorillas

Bring on the Year of the Tiger!

Teachers can prepare their students for the Chinese New Year (February 14) with one of these online resources:

Edsitement Lesson Plan: Animals of the Chinese New Year

PBS Kids: Countdown to the New Year

Scholastic Instructor: Chinese New Year

Reach Every Child: Celebrate Chinese New Year

Kid-Friendly Search Engines

Looking for alternatives to Google that might be more appropriate for students? Check out these search engines.

Quintura Kids

Ask for Kids

Fact Monster

Yahoo Kids

All the News That's Fit to... Teach

These sites help educators incorporate current events into their teaching, across the curriculum. 

The New York Times Learning Network

TIME for Kids 

Scholastic's Upfront

NewsHour Extra's Teacher Resources

NBC News iCue

Tomorrow is September 17th — otherwise known as Constitution Day, a day when all U.S. educational institutions that receive federal funding are required by law to pay a little attention to the document that was signed on September 17, 1787.

Teachers, check out the following links to discover some fun ways to spend Constitution Day.  Continue reading...

2 3 4 5 6 Displaying 22-28 of 37 Articles