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Copywriting Case Study: Helping Web Visitors

Here's the latest look at real-life copywriting in action, thanks to Sarah Williams, the head of Wordsmith in England. After we interviewed her a couple of months ago about her innovative "method acting" approach to copywriting, as she calls it (check out our interview with Sarah here), we thought to ask Sarah if she wouldn't mind sending us actual case studies... we could study! Here is this month's:

The project:

Get Support is a UK-based IT support, hardware and software supplier, a web development company -- and one or two other things besides. They wanted a new website to reflect the breadth and variety of everything they offered -- and they also needed the language on the website to reflect their direct, no-nonsense, approachable way of relating to their customers.

How we went about it:

The first thing we needed to do was to learn about and understand everything that Get Support had on offer -- from remote support to VOIP, from pieces of kit (British techie speak for IT hardware) to website design. That is, in fact, one of the unsung delights of being copywriters -- every day of every week we are learning new things, and every day of every week we are talking to people about something that really gives them a buzz, be it providing physiotherapy services or selling shoes -- or, in this case, helping people have trouble-free IT in their workplace.

Having discussed with the client what they were offering to their customers, we then needed to work out how we were going to set everything out on the web so that it would be clear and accessible. We are strong believers in the axiom that the visitor should never be more than two clicks away from what they are looking for on a website, so we talked through with Get Support how we were going to structure the site in terms of menus and internal links in order to make that possible.

We worked with Get Support in developing a clear site map, and then set about writing the copy, building in internal links in the copy where appropriate. Get Support also wanted some organic optimization, so we wove keywords into the copy, as well as positioning them in the meta-tags and alt tags -- the keyword-rich descriptions which are tucked away in the code behind page titles, images and in other secret places (you can see them by going to View Source under View in your browser window when you've got a web page open).

That meant that on every page we were thinking about three things in terms of the writing: catching the visitor's attention and letting them know about the range of goods and services Get Support had to offer, ensuring that the text would lead them as conveniently as possible to where they wanted to get to through clear directions and embedded links, and tickling the taste-buds of the search engine spiders with tasty keywords so that they would rate the site highly and keep coming back for more.

The outcome:

Get Support is a pleasant and informal company which prides itself on its professionalism and on its jargon-free approach to IT. The website is clean and easy to use and the copy matches the company branding in terms of being direct and accessible.

All in all the Get Support website is full without being fussy, fun without being foolish -- just like the company itself. And now, of course, because it's an ambitious and rapidly growing company, we're talking with them about adding more information, more pages, more links. Check it out at to see what you think.

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Sarah Williams is founder and managing director of the international copywriting company Wordsmith, based in Oxfordshire, UK. She taught in universities, and then moved out of the academic world into book publishing, running the English office of the biggest French children's book publisher. During this time she wrote and published a number of children's books. She eventually became a full time freelance writer, and has published over 80 books. About five years ago, Sarah set up Wordsmith, a copywriting company providing intelligent, responsive answers to marketing needs. Click here to read more articles by Sarah Williams.

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