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Blog Du Jour

Public Relations Blogs

Need to polish your pitch? Erin Caldwell, the public relations executive we interview in this week's "Candlepower" feature, recommends these blogs for improving your PR communications skills:

Better Communications Results

Communication Overtones

The Flack

Diva Marketing Blog

Micro Persuasion

PR Studies

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When Erin Caldwell was a senior at Auburn University in Alabama she wanted to learn more about public relations, her major, than what she got from the classroom. So she launched a website called Forward-Moving that brings together PR novices with the salty veterans of the trade. The website was a hit, popular with students and young PR professionals who use it to gain practical, real-world advice on all sides of the business -- including writing for public relations. Which, naturally, is what we discussed with Erin, who now works at a major public relations firm in Washington, DC:

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Dog Eared

Books we love

Public Relations Writing

Want to write a better press release? PR professional Erin Caldwell suggests you read Public Relations Writing: The Essentials of Style and Format by Thomas H. Bivins. While they're not books, per se, Erin also recommends you listen to these podcasts: For Immediate Release and Inside PR.
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Blog Excerpts

Write a Novel

Write a Novel is "a form of open courseware," says the website's creator. His goal is to "give you some basic information on topics related to writing fiction in general and a novel in particular." The site includes 18 downloadable guides that discuss everything from story synopsis to plotting to writing habits. Wondering what comes after, "It was a dark and stormy night?" This site can help you. (And help you write a better open!)
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We're all aflutter in the Lounge this month, and hope that what we're crowing about doesn't stick in anyone's craw.  Continue reading...
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I began writing Jump at the Sun in early spring 2001. Or wait -- maybe it was late spring 2001. Or maybe it was the fall. The truth is, I don't remember. I don't remember much about that time. The whole thing, frankly, is a hazy blur.

It's a blur because my daughter was two years old and my son was six months and we had just moved from New York to Boston so my husband could take a new job. I was alone in a new city (actually worse, a new suburb) with small children and no friends and no job and no family and I was starting, seriously, to question the whole thing. Boston. (Still questioning that one). Wifedom. Motherhood.

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Blog Du Jour

Bud's Blogs

Bud Hunt, the teacher we interviewed about student blogging, suggests these links for educators interested in working with Internet technology in the classroom:

"Check out my bloglines account, the contents of which are my regular reads. Another place that folks should look for resources and conversation is EdTechTalk.com. I also recommend Educationbridges, a community of teachers experimenting with social networking and other Web 2.0 tools."

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